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    Makino Presents Voice Activated Machine

    Category: Wow! Technology November 29, 2018

    Makino introduces Athena, the voice-activated industrious assistant that anyone can use. Talking to Athena, manufacturing workers of all skill levels can take command of the machine, control operations and call up critical data. All with just a few words and a little training (she knows g-code, too). Athena runs on any Makino VMC, HMC or EDM, using the single universal language of voice command.Voice activated machine operation is just half the story. Athena is able to learn. Beyond basic control commands, Athena guides and analyzes. She can even respond to “thinking” questions such as: 'How do I change a tool?'  'What is my run time on this part?' and 'What is my coolant temperature?'  https://www.makino.com/digital-makino

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